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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a columbarium?

A columbarium is an above ground structure for placement of cremated remains.

What is a niche?

A niche is single unit within a columbarium. The niche may hold 1 or several cremated remains.

Where can I place a columbarium?

A columbarium can basically be placed almost anywhere as it is a relocatable structure. There may be different government regulations as to where it can be placed and we can help you in determining that.

What size are niches in a columbarium?

A standard sized niche is 12” x 12” x 12”. At Kyber we do them at 13” x 12” x 14” deep to allow for more space and larger urn placement. While this is our standard, niches can be made in any size or shape depending on the location and wishes of the client.

What materials are used to construct a columbarium?

The interior of a columbarium is made out of many different materials depending on the company. There are concrete, granite, metal and polymers. At Kyber we use metal interiors because of their strength, design flexibility and their ability to handle all conditions mother nature can throw at them.

The exterior of a columbarium can also be made of many different products. Granite would be used the most extensively with other types of stone such as limestone and masonry becoming more popular.

Why do I need a columbarium?

A columbarium is a great option for families who have chosen cremation. It gives them and the deceased friends a place to go for remembrance. It allows for memorialization along with being able to select a space that suits the individual.

It allows for greater use of available land that may not be suitable for anything else.

It can enhance a site by adding a feature that benefits the whole area.

How many urns can fit in a niche?

A standard niche can hold up to 2 urns depending on their size.

Niches can be designed for any size depending on the needs or how many urns would require placement.

How many niches should I start with?

This will depend on your area and how many inurnments you think you may have. One of the Kyber team can go over this and ask questions to give you a better idea of your needs. A columbarium garden can be just one columbarium or several. All of this can be phased in over time to best fit the requirements of your site.

What can I do for memorializing the niche?

There are many options for memorialization. You may engrave directly on to niche front. You may place a bronze or other type of plaque. You may also have a colored design onto the niche front. There are many options available that the Kyber team can discuss with you.

How do I purchase a columbarium?

A columbarium can be purchased outright from a manufacturer. They will discuss with you the options and pricing for a unit that fits your needs. Depending on your situation we can discuss payment plans or financing. We can also help with setting up a business case to show the merits of a columbarium.